Friday, October 07, 2005

Woh chali...

She is leaving for Singapore the next month.

Not that we are romantically inclined, but we are pretty good friends. No, not the "fabulously getting along" type, but who survive on the occasional "hi,how are you" phone calls and all those forwarded emails.
I first met her when we went on this trip to Kerala. We were a group of ten, and I was the only malayali and hence the "unofficial guide". We did not get really close or anything, but did keep in touch. She was always my friend's friend.
But well, I knew her chat id, we chatted sometimes, SMS ed sometimes, and well, she outgrew of the friend's friend tag and became friend. Met very few times..a tinge of regret in that..
When you are in the same city, even though you meet very less, you always know that the person is only an a bus ride away...
There are things that you can confide very easily in people whom you do not know very closely. They don't stop to judge you. They very easily accept you as you are. She was easily this kind of person.
Wouldn't call her a pillar of my life or anything, but someone with whom I could be very free. Very open, very frank.
Will miss you a lot.., you know who..

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