Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Nostalgia - I guess no other feeling envelops you so fast, suffocates you, smothers you and leaves you breathless with melancholy and elation at the same time; You end up feeling depressed and at the same time reminiscing the good times you've had.
It bothers you, disturbs you, makes your heart heavy and brings that proverbial lump onto the throat - all in a single moment, in a single sigh...

I stooped and stretched in the bus to get a look at the place where I had spent four decisive years of my life. Where the living walls breathed life and adulthood into us. More than making us ready for a profession (which it hardly did), that institution had taught me so much about life, and what life is not about.

Each house and each shop brings in some memory - that's where we stood watching the rain, or this is where we used to linger after dinner. This was a part of life when nothing mattered really. Then, the only concern when we woke up was an assignment or a test; whether she'd glance towards me or not; whether the biryani in the cafeteria will be worse than yesterday or not; awesome life, that was! But yes, I guess it is important to understand that it was just a part of the grooming process, a part that we eventually outgrow, and however we wish that they'd come back, deep within our minds, we'd always want them to be cherished memories rather than something we wish to re-live.

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