Friday, December 09, 2005

Random Thoughts

Some people just have a way of influencing others. No, not the way leaders do, but in a very subtle way. Like bringing you out of your coccoon; Or just by listening and dropping a word or two here and there. Or just talking directly about your vulnerabilities.


There was this seminar about higher studies in Germany. Afetr that there was a "Learn German in half an hour" session. It was not meant to be a learning session of any sort, but just a pointer; an indicator to the similarities between English and German. It was ver interesting.
What made it more interesting was the instructor. Anupama is probably in her mid thirties, and she refused to speak anything in English for the half hour we were there. Some people just seem to have a knack of grabbing attention and making you feel at ease.


Then there was this campus rock show. Bands from various colleges participated. And we saw the guys from the band Rasmus, who'd come to judge the teams. And they spoke to us, though it was limited to very few words. It went something like "We're done with giving autographs..maybe after the show".
JKT was not feeling well, so we headed back home.


There is a school near the golf course. Its a girls' school and a kind of school fair was going on. Rajesh and I were hungry (for food) so we decided to just go in (with a notion that food might be cheaper at a fair, and there'd be something of a visual appetizer).

Some revelations:

Most of the young ladies (yes the students) had mobile phones, and almiost all of them were more expensive than the the one I have.

Now I know why my parents did not send me down to Bangalore for my studies.

I dont really get the funda of Schools and short skirts in this cold weather.

Not-so-pretty girls better not study here- high levels of inferiority complex might result.


After the school sojourn, we moved on to more familiar turf, MG Road and Brigade road.
Owing to some serious miscalculation regarding time zones, we left the place early (earlier than the clubs around the place were relieved of their Pretty young things).

Another thought. I saw this lady standing in front of a club, clad scantily (that's being generous). It was pretty cold for our conditions, and she was shivering ever so slightly.
Why are women keen on revealing? I mean, is it to keep up with the fashion trend? Or is there some discreet pleasure? I mean we guys are perfectly comfortable all covered up, but whats the matter with them?

That's something to mull about.


Anonymous said...

Ever thought why trees stand out right in the middle of roads with their branches spread out really wide and sometimes with a twist to the bark?? why can't it be in a different posture?

Nitin Bala

Madhavan said...

i really missed this one mate...i dint get the context, nor could i decipher the meaning...whooopie, right above my head..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..good one nitin