Monday, January 09, 2006


Of all the things I miss these days, my personal space, my own mindspace ranks number one. When I was in college, I used to get plenty of time to introspect. Either sitting on the terrace, looking at my college far away, near the mountain, the slight breeze and the sunset providing a very melancholy background. Or in Nitin's house. Nitin almost always intuitively knew when to leave me alone, and that really helped a lot. But then, all of us had a pretty good idea about when to leave each other on their own.
I used to get that with that call center job of mine too, and there were plenty of days when none of the room mates would meet each other. Then I'd be all alone in the house at some point of time and I could dwell on my thoughts and imagination as long as I wanted.
And those long walks on the MG Road, alone, scouting for books, reading a blurb but at the same time thinking about a thousand other things. The chain of thought triggered by the outline of the story on the back of a paperback would take me somewhere far far off. And those walks almost always culminating in barista with a cold coffee and a snack, reading the new book.
But these days, it's another story altogether. The room is crowded with computers and books and clothes and stuff. The constant chatter on tv or the music from the computer invades the mind. Long walks are ruled out because of office timings. I reach home at around 8, famished and tired. Walks on MG road also don't seem to happen these days,though there is no specific reason.
Yes, I do miss my mindspace, my own personal space. Yes, I do miss my loneliness...

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