Monday, February 27, 2006


I remember watching this Honda ad, where things start off with a tiny rolling nut and it strikes something else, and then something else, until finally, the car is launched. It was a wonderful ad, I think for Honda Accord, and you can find it here

Yesterday my friend showed me another set of advertisements, this time from BMW. The series is called "The Hire" and has 8 "movies" . Yup, movies, because each feature a story and is directed by stalwarts like Ang Lee and John woo etc. and among the stars, have some exotic names like Madonna, Marylin Mansion, James Brown and Gary Oldman.

The series of short films really captures your attention, and features Clive Owen as the driver for hire, noted for his poise and control. Wonderful, really worth watching. I liked "Powder Keg" and "Beat the Devil" best.You can view them here

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