Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am Older!!

Whew!! A year older. Was a hard one, this!!
Like coming out of an egg; it crawled really really slow; must be part of growing up I guess.


I was walking towards where Joseph had promised to wait, and passed one of those "Nirmala" toilets that you find all over. There was this small girl, in very ragged clothes, very thin and looking all so helpless and well, in an odd way, cute. She had huge eyes. And what she did amazed me. She actually paid a rupee to use the toilet. I guess she must be part of a family that earns bread by digging a canal near the road, or maybe making the road itself. She could have been one of the thousands of children send to beg. She might be selling flowers. But she DID use a hard earned rupee to use the toilet.

People here make a deep gargling sound to gather all the sputum they can from the depths of their throats and discharge it right onto the road. Spitting seems to be a national obsession. For that matter if you happen to take up a journey early enough in the morning, a hundred pairs of bottoms might greet you, indulged in the primordial acts of excretion, all along the road, or railway line or whatever. It need not be all those rural interiors (which I think are much better in case of sanitation these days), you see these right amidst the city. Disgusting.

Well, in this scenario, this was a very strange and delightful sight. A very trivial thing, might be, but a very heartening one.


Well, JKT was on time, and we went for the "Radio City Live" rock show, featuring "Parikrama".
And I saw Sunaina live for the first time!! And Darius too. (They're both RJs on Radio City, the FM station here. Sunaina is a personal favorite.)

Parikrama was really good. ACDC, Pink Floyd, Cold Play and their own tracks.


Food at Green onion, and back home. Collins and James and people are going on a trip to Pondicherry. They started at 1130 in the night. Wished them a happy journey.Almost finished the book "The Devil's alternative" (Highly recommended ****1/2). but didnt quite.
I am 27!!!

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