Friday, June 23, 2006

He's back!!



Anonymous said...

and he looks gay..

seriously, know who I think is the coolest superhero ever?? Wolverine! I mean think about it, Superman like i said in his tights looks gay. The whole cape thing is ancient. Batman's got the being-the-only-child-with-no-parents issue, you know? Spiderman, god - you wanna just whack him on the head and tell him to move on, get laid and forget that girl, MJ, already.

When it comes to it, who do you want saving the world, eh? A guy with issues or this awesome cool fighting machine who had a career im Ultimate Fighting, with metal inside his body, has those mean claws and smokes cigars..

Madhavan said...

Yup, in the movie he somehow manages to look gay. even when reeves did it, he looked so. maybe they should try putting on some fake muscles like they did to batman.
and yes, batman's got the issue with dead folks and all, but i like him for the darkness he seem to permeate - never the really good clean guy.
yes, spiderman is really for highschool kids.
wolverine...hmmm!! well, i did like jackman in the role, and i did enjoy the movie, but somehow, i've never really caught on x-men batman much better on paper.

Anonymous said...

what are you reading these days?

Suraj said...

The movie was not good. Did you happen to watch it? It was a way too emotional movie, instead of being an action flick. And in the plot, I do not see him doing a lot of stuff. Only the kid, his ex, and others helping him. If not for them, he wouldn't be living. Anyway, onething that was interesting was to know that the kid was a super boy. Waiting to see more of him...When??