Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Freedom...about to be maimed!!

Indian Govt. has decided to block Blogs, as a security measure against the terrorist attacks.
I really do not understand why blogs are targetted, but I guess the IT bigwigs sitting at the center should have sufficient reason to believe what they are doing.
But then, what next? block message boards?(have they already been blocked?)
Block emails? Hmmmm...Is there no other end to this? No Iron Hand that you can bang on the table and say "Stop meddling with us!!"?
Just the blogs being blocked, some channels censored? Brings to my mind the utterly shamefule picture of our then home minister transporting those terrorists to Khandahar so meekly...admit it, we're just street dogs mooning, who've got out tails waaay between our legs...SHAME!!
Remember how helpful blogs where during Tsunami? Katrina? Even the recent blasts? And now this...
AWWWWW!! Come on....

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Suraj said...

So, was that why I was not able to access my blogosphere for a couple of days?

You are right, it surely is a shame targetting something like this. There should be some internal reason thought by someone who hated blogs maybe 'cos there were some blogs against him and he thought this was the right time to ban blogs!

Is there something you think can be done about this, if it happens?