Friday, August 25, 2006

Bye Bye Pluto

The alarm clock went off. I woke up and opened the door to pick up the newspapaer. YIKES!!
Where the heck has Pluto gone?

I personally feel that it was mighty unfair of those Astronomers or Deep Sapace Scientists or Sky Scientists or whatever to strip poor Pluto of the status of a planet and make it a "Dwarf Planet". Poor thing has been circling the sun for so long now, and the we do this.
Mercury and Venus and we have it pretty cosy and warm , near the sun, and Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune are all big and huge and all. This poor guy, flung far out in the cold, going round and round, and then Big Brother Neptune blocking it's way now and then and still holding on...
And then, we decide that it's just a dwarf!! Will Mickey's dog be smaller now? Will the Scorpios be less taller? Or less predictable?
Pluto is suddenly the underdog, fighting to make it into the big league.

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Anonymous said...

in my school they named groups with the names of planets,i belonged to house of pluto..:(