Monday, October 16, 2006

Dada ki baat sunenge na?

You wouldn't really know whether to grab a tissue and sniff into it, or break the goddamn tv when you see this new ad.
We see Saurav Ganguly, who certainly has a special place in our minds, and quite a lot of sympathy, sitting on empty stands.
We imagine that same old guy, the growling aggressive tiger. But then he meows. Yup, literally meows, that he still hopes to get back into the team, and whether he gets in or not, he will always be there to cheer "team India".
And what more, there is a specific cheering tune, even. You're not supposed to yell out something like "Go India Go!!" or "Hip Hip Hurray!!" or "Sachin, go ahead, show them how to play!!".
You are specifically supposed to yell "Ooh Aah India"!! I guess the inspiration was the Iodex ad, and just replace the "Ouch!!" with India, and well, you get the picture, don't you?
And just so that we don't forget our poor former captain's plight, he says "Apne Dada ke baat sunenge na"?
I can understand Pepsi's interest in promoting their drink and trying to make a billion cricket fans out of us poor Indians, but I really can't understand what Ganguly was doing there.
There he was, yelling "Ooh Aah Ouch" (oops, Ooh aah India) on the empty stands like a nincompoop, and then begging "Won't you listen to your Dada?". If he had said proudly "Won't you listen to me?" we would all gladly oblige our most successful captain. But this certainly, is too low.
Suffice to say taht I just am stopping short of calling him a clown.

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