Friday, September 14, 2007

Persecution of Rama

some time ago, there was this king, a brave adventurous and yes, very very righteous king. He travelled across the country and even across the sea, to rescue his wife from the clutches of an evil king, and unfortunately (though he did not realize then) built a bridge on his way there.
He got back to his kingdom, and when some people raised their eyebrows on the sanctity of his wife (this way waaaaay back), he abandoned her. Sita was abaondoned in the forest, and that too while she was pregnant with twins. But what Sita, nor her husband Rama, had not counted on was a far more influential power - a power called Sonia Gandhi!!

Fast Forward to present...!
I really do not understand the ruckus that the congress is raising about Rama, and his bridge. Why couldn't the Aarchaeological survey and the congress party just contend to say that the "bridge does not appear to be man-made"? Why do they really have to question Rama's existence at all?

There are probably a billion people (or more, there are people in Indonesia who believe in Ramayana too) who believe in the Lord, who worship him and Sita as the epitome of righteousness. Rama is portrayed as the perfect man and Sita as the perfect woman, incarnations of Vishnu and Lakshmi.

Why deny the existence when there is no proof that he DID NOT exist? He might as well have walked the very grounds that Valmiki has so beautifully described. Would the ASI or the center dare do this if it were about some other religion? Like knocking off this cave in Talpiot, Jerusalem, saying there is no hard evidence that Jesus resurrected?

I am not against development here, just against the exact propaganda being used. Also keeping in mind the fact that there is a pretty delicate ecological balance at stake here.

Wherever this heads, well, Shoorpanakha has had her revenge!!

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