Friday, January 25, 2008

Sa re ga ma pa...ha ha ha

It is truly funny what people watch on tv these days...
There is this show on Zee tv thats supposed to be a singing contest for kids...its called Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs.
Believe me, there is a lot of talent there, they sing really the SaReGaMaPa part is pretty much justified I guess.
But then we lose track. This episode had a girl singing wonderfully well, and then stopping in the middle of the song and saying that she's gonna quit. And she says with the same expression as say, a stock broker who has lost all his money, or like a software engineer just out of a QA meeting.
The judges and the audience suitably act stunned. And then they question her as to why she is quitting, and she says that she doesn't want her beloved father to suffer the same fate as the father of one of her co-competitors. Seems after her friend got eliminated in the contest, her father had a massive heart attack.
Now I really do not know whether to laugh at this , or hang my head in shame at where the so called entertainment is heading and the fact that I am watching it, or whether to shun life as a whole and go do penance in the Himalayas.
Should I blame the father for getting that heart attack? Should I blame the kids for this? Should I blame the judges for not boycotting this tomfoolery?
I guess finally the blame should all be upon me, the aam aadmi tv audience, for watching all this, and trying to make sense of all this!!

Indian Republic turns 58.
Jai Hind!!

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Sanna said...

like everything else with the aam aadmi, these shows also aim to insult his intelligence. like in every other case it will last till something more ridiculous comes up.

what is ridiculous in this case is its sooooooo obvious. makes u say "GIVE ME A BREAK"