Friday, June 27, 2008

The God of cut-paste coding

Shiva trembled with fury. His dear wife, Sati, who had gone to attend a yagna performed by her father had self immolated. Unable to bear her father's cruel words against her husband, she had set herself on fire.
Shiva had warned her not to go for this yagna, but then the d
aughter had thought that she could somehow reconcile her husband and her father. But Daksha had taken this as an opportunity to try to further humiliate her and Shiva.
Shiva began his Taandava dance and this threatened the whole universe. From his hair-locks evolved Veerabhadra and Bhadrakaali, two fearsome Bhootas and they all set out to take revenge.
Shiva was only satisfied when he brought down the entire place and had decapitated Daksha by severing his head off.
But then, Lord Vishnu interfered and convinced Shiva that killing Daksha would amount to brahmahatya and that he should somehow bring him back to life. Shiva, his anger cooled, looked around. Daksha's head had been burnt to ashes in his violent rage. Shiva, then brought Daksha back to life by fixing his body with a goat's head.


Much later Sati was reborn as Parvathi, and Shiva married her. One day, while she was about to bathe she c
reated a maanasaputra and told him to guard the house and to let no one in. The son, not recognizing Shiva, stopped him too. A small battle ensued and Shiva killed off the little boy by chopping his head off, without realizing that he is his own son. When Parvathi came to know about this, she was beside herself with grief. Shiva too was sad. He sent his Bhootas to search for a proper head so that he can revive his son.
The Bhootas were really not the smartest people on earth (or Kailas) and they returned with an elephant's head. Shiva put the head on the body and lo, Gajaanana, or Ganapati came to life and they all lived happily ever after.

"The migration has to go in tomorrow, Alok", said Ram, the project manager. Even though his voice was soft, Alok really couldn't miss the steely edge in Ram's voice. "I will try my best" managed Alok.
Late in the night, almost alone, Alok ran his fingers through his hair. "Migration code" - That was the only thing in his mind. And then it struck him. He quickly browsed the repository. Somewhere he had seen that bit of code to make it all fit together. It was in that now retired application. Alok had a smile on the corner of his lips now. He carefully read the code and did a cut and then a paste onto his workspace. Then slowly he got up, stretched and bent down to lock his computer for the day.



Sanna said...

hehe! damn good... now we know where we got that godly tendency from

Jay said...

Pretty cool Maddy.. Hit right on top of our heads ;)