Saturday, September 06, 2008

A little one...

The room was dark. I had somehow imagined it to be well lit. But then when I thought about it, I just smiled at the absurdity of thinking it to be bright. Of course it would be dark in here.

The technician, a young woman, (Is she a doctor? Don't think so) told Priya to lie down. She smeared some gel onto her stomach and reached for the probe. gently, here, there. I looked at the screen.

For a moment I was lost in marvelling the technological wonder.

But then, there it was!!

The technician, with a small smile lighting up her face pointed onto the screen.

But then I did not need to be told. There it was. The tiny head, the little body, and for a moment I really stared, a tiny hand, waving. You could even make out the little fingers!!

My baby; OUR baby!!

Yes, we are expecting a new addition to the family, in March.

I guess this is the nearest I can get to shouting it out!!


Jay said...

Congrats Maddy.. nice way to shout the news :)

Madhavan said...

Thanks, Jay..Dont you write anymore? That last post was like ages ago...

Unknown said...

Hey I left a comment long time ago, but I guess it didnt show up :(. And so now am overwhelmed to shout it out again - CONGRATS SHAKES!!! That's exactly what we need! Lil shakes running around!!!