Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain... I am mad.

Office, around 3 in the evening. A meeting.
Someone was explaining about the new project schedule and whether we'd hit it or miss it and all that.

I just keep glancing out of the window.
First I don't realize why, because I am a bit interested in that time line thingy, because it's MY time that he is discussing.

But then I realize why I have been checking out the scenery.
Somehow I can't really believe that there is still so much of sunlight outside.

I still don't realize why I can't believe that. Winter has passed and spring has been smiling upon us. So why not? Longer days, well...

Then it clicks. I feel that it has been raining outside.
Wait a minute. It is all sunny and light outside, and then why the rain? it has not been raining.
But I can feel that it is raining.

No, No. 3 days for implementation? Need 2 more.

I can smell the rain. So that's the deal. I am not seeing the rain or feeling the rain. I just am smelling the rain. What the heck?

I look around.

I lean to the guy sitting next to me.

"One of those 'fresh rain' scent detergents"?
He is surprised for a second and then nods with a knowing smile.

Well, that works.

Yup. Time line kind of looks ok too.

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Anonymous said...

is that true? it doesn't sound like it anyway.nice post though.