Wednesday, September 30, 2009


How I long to touch her, feel her, hug the breath out of her.

When I hear her voice on the phone, the sweet little nothings that she says out magically become words, talking to me, asking about my day, telling me about hers.

And when I see the picture of her sleeping on her side, as she always seems to do now, I wish I were right next to her on a Saturday morning, the alarm clock quietened, looking at her, watching her sleep.

How I yearn to run my fingers through her hair, how I wish I were the reason for every small shy smile on her tiny lips.

And the sight that widens her eyes into joyous glee.

Oh, how I miss my daughter.


Bird said...

:)..I call her Lady Shakes

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

She's sooooo pretty.... With her big black eyes and bouncy curls...

(in caes ur wondering, i'm Indu's frnd and i saw one of the pics of Aditi dat u sent her)

Poornima said...

This. is the kind of stuff that makes me go 'aaaaawww'!!! Great going Daddy :-)

p.s: i moved to wordpress btw, please to note

ഉപാസന || Upasana said...


avasaanam thakarththu.