Saturday, December 05, 2009

See I know Not What *

He was narrating the incident, and I could visualize it.

"I rushed onto the station. I knew he was on that train. The platform was empty and that was strange. The train had not arrived yet.

Every time I thought about it, my heart seethed with anger and hatred. The deeds he had done. The havoc he had wreaked. The seeds of hatred he had sown. I punched on one of the iron pillars and it just caved in. Yes, the rage within me was empowering me. Sort of like the incredible hulk. The train was approaching and my mind was reaching its critical point of control. But I knew that if ever I lose control I could always go back to normality by gently pressing here."

While saying this, his face turned red, and I had never seen that happen. And on his forehead appeared a tiny circle, like the Hydrogen symbol on Dr. Manhattan's forehead. Or perhaps like the third and destructive eye of Lord Shiva.

He clenched his teeth, and I knew that I had to do something. I pressed the point where his eyebrows met. He then opened his eyes with a strange calm in his eyes and asked in a mildly accusing and condescending tone. "Why did you do that?". And I knew no answer.


Another strange dream, I bet even Freud would be a wee bit confused on this one.

* Title of post inspired by a Russian fairytale "Go I know Not Where, Fetch I know Not What" from the book "Vasilisa the Beautiful".

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