Thursday, November 04, 2010

Feeling small

I was watching the Big Bang Theory theme song the other day, the "Our whole Universe" by BareNakedLadies.

And the way it tells that the Universe was formed in an instant, kind of sooner than it takes to sing the song.

Made me feel tiny, and silly thinking about my problems. What are we but a tiny speck of sand in a desert.

Made my thoughts seem frivolous. Wonder at what silly things like land and art and books that we fight about.

And the religion and the gods that we made and now make us.

And the way we inflict pain without even pausing to think that it doesn't even matter a tiny bit, in the eons of time, nothing matters.

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Bird said...

I have this one sequence of images I created in my head. It's starts of with me looking up directly at the camera (?), and then it starts zooming out, slowly but steadily. You see the roads, the city, the continent, the earth, the milky way.. I don't stop but stretch my imagination so it keeps going and my head starts to hurt.