Thursday, March 31, 2011

Airport cities

Happened to read this piece by Pico Iyer in Time Magazine.,28804,2059521_2059701_2059696,00.html


Now, who am I to talk about a piece written by an Oxford educated author? But what stuck me was the irony in it. All those people scurrying across the globe to wonderful new places, the jet-set, are all professionals. You would be hard pressed to find a tourist living out of airports, I am sure. And while I agree that humans are nomads by nature, all these people fly out mostly to improve their stature - better money and a better social standing being the final goal, of which the ultimate culmination is a large house in a suburb which in some terms translate to better living conditions, away from the ruckus.

So an "Aerotropolis" is a means to a villa?

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