Thursday, July 21, 2011


Read in the news - "Mr. Krishnakumar, who is a Coconut oil producer by profession..."
Wait. Is he a Coconut?

Office - "You know I am very scary sometime" - Someone describing how scared he gets. I always imagine him as Sulley from Monster's inc.

Priya made her 'Stone soup' last weekend. Sambar was on the menu, and something was missing from it when we sat down to eat. Sambar powder. True story.

Ammukkutty, after her tinkerbell (tittabell as she calls her) series and Tangled ('doll' as she calls Rapunzel for reasons unknown) has a new fixation. Rio. Yup, I know all the dialogs.

Priya was explaining to my aunt in Kerala how Ammu was always playing on her phone (iP). I could imagine the aunt's confusion, her imagining the wired phone and Priya talking about a 'smart' touchphone. (Yes, ammukkutty calls it Aditi's phone).

Reading a horror genre story after a loong time. Heart-shaped box, by Joe Hill, the 'Prince (King's son). The first Stephen King book was 'IT', after watching the movie. The movie was lame. The book, superb.

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