Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All the A's

It's A's all over the place. 
On bits of paper on the sill. On the large Pooh board books. On notebooks. Everywhere. 

A's of all sizes and shapes. Some as big as my hand. Some as small as her little fingernail. 
Scrawled in the shapes of stars, some resembling W's. 
But they are all A's. I know because that is the only letter she has learnt so far. 

Her tiny hand holding the pencil tight. Moving Up, then Down and then Straight. 

The sheer excitement on her little face when she writes an A after another.


"Ammu, shall I teach you to write B today?"
"No Acha. I want to write A".

And so it is A, again.

Lovin' it.


Vinaykrishnan said...

I can almost see Ammu writing those A's. Nice!!!

Heathcliffs Girl said...

You are a lucky man, my friend :)