Friday, July 15, 2016

2 Years

Some say, and we think so too, that we had been spoilt with Aditi. She was a very gentle little child when she was small, sitting in some quiet corner absorbed in a toy. Or sometimes talking in that tiny toddler voice to herself. We also lived in a smaller house with carpet on the floor, no stairs, nothing to climb up on. Even our bed was the low kind. Not that we had to worry about anything. She was not interested in climbing up on anything, and would behave as a lady at an English tea party.

And then, comes Shyam. He is kind of the exact opposite of what Aditi was when she was his age. A little active devil. I understand that he probably still is not as naughty or active as several other kids that we have seen, but he certainly is, for us. As I mentioned, I guess we have been spoiled by Aditi.

The little things were a bit slow in coming. He started turning over later, walking later, and still mostly speaks unintelligible gibberish. He has a shorter attention span and gets mad and angry. Throws little tantrums. Bites and pinches and scratches.
But he also laughs out loud. And loves climbing over me and Priya and Aditi. Loves his sister much (and she, him too). Gives the best hugs (shouting "hugggaaa"). Gives a naughty sideways smile as he is about to do something of mischief. Loves to take a bath (used to run to the bathroom when anyone mentioned a bath). Loves Bhujia and lollipop (papa) and green juice ("kala geen oos"). Loves running around in the backyard. Gets super excited to see other kids. Loves swings and slides. His favorite red car.
In so many ways now, we never can imagine how we used to live before he came along, just like how we could never imagine how life was before Aditi came along.

And this week, he turns 2.

Perhaps, it is the start of the terrible 2s. But I think it's a year where we get to know this little person better.

Happy Birthday, son. Happy birthday, Shyamu.

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