Sunday, September 18, 2005

In the aid of the quarrelsome lovers...

It's not often that a lot of ogling at a girl paves way for the re-union of a couple, is it?

Well, that's just what happened tonight. My tea-crazy friend decided to have tea at around half past eight in the night, and who am I to deprive him of such a humble pleasure (and a very inexpensive one too). So we set out to the nearby tea-stall, and with the "half-tea", had a quick bite too.
We were returning, when given the amazing prowess that exists among the "bachelor" class, we cahnced upon a very nice girl and of course, her inevitable accessory, the boyfriend.

Now, I break off here a moment to wonder why every "Drop dead Gorgeous" to "passable" ladies have boyfriends, and why are there so many miserable guys like us in existence? Isn't there a BIG ratio mismatch hidden somewhere?

Well, now as I was saying, here comes this girl, in a white tee and blue jean and her guy, wearing something (selective memory loss), but hey wait, they really dont seem to be in the best of cameraderie...Is something wrong? Now, my friend, who is a great ogler decides to give the girl a "look"-which in literal terms would mean a long long look that'd start from her feet and move up till her hair. And me, the coward that I am, decide to just give a "sneak look", that'd be, well, a short look that'd just cover the most important parts of anatomy.
Well, they are NOT in good terms, and that's why the girl suddenly gives the guy a real hard look and quickly crosses the road. Now since the guy is holding a helmet we're sure that he can afford her a better means of transport tahn a big crowded sweaty bus..but then, why is she standing on the bus stop across the road? And giving our poor hero looks that say "You better come and apologize, else I really might board the bus and leave".
Now is when we come in, giving the girl a long gluttonous look..we really werent't looking at her, though...we were wondering how the story would end. Were just curious to know if the girl would really dare to board that bus.
The Hero, who was satnding nearby seemed to be fazed for a moment. The situation was a bit of a dilemma. Going to her would mean apologizing, but standing there, doing nothing would be risky, what with two werewolves staring at his girl...
When we turned to back to our room, the guy was crossing the road, and then when I looked back, they were walking, arm in arm, the girl giving a faint, satisfied smile by all means justified the worthiness of his effort to go across and apologize for whatever... the aid of a quarrelsome couple, ogling at the girl...

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