Sunday, April 02, 2006

So near, and yet...

I was watching the Australian Grant Prix yesterday. Finally, other than in athletics, really got to know the meaning of so close, yet so far.

Fisichella was following Jenson Button closely, and Button, the pole position winner was not going to give up. Lap after lap, for about 10 laps, this went on. Accelerating, braking, taking perfect corners. Even we could feel the pressure of having a car just about half a second behind you.

Button handled it very well, driving perfectly.And finally, when he entered that final lap, we were all too relieved. He'd make it. Fisichella cannot overtake him now.

And then , just before the final corner, smoke bellowed out of Button's car, it flared, and the engine coughed. He could see the Checquered flag beckoning him. If he had a choice, he would have got out of the car and pushed it to victory. It was just a matter of about 20 yards. After you have driven a bit more than 300 kilometres in just about an hour and a half, and the car stops just a few yards short of the flag, you know that it's so near, yet so far...

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