Saturday, April 08, 2006

That thing you do...

You have seen this a hundred times.

You are travelling in a bus, or a train, or you are just walking along. And there is this very pretty young thing sitting across you or you see coming along. If you just about tilt your head as if looking out of the window you can see her.

She has a nice sweet smell about her and wears a short sleeved t-shirt and jeans. She has her hair tied in a neat little pony-tail. And she KNOWS that she has attracted your attention.

Just about when you are about to look away, she lifts her hands, and unties the small hairband, letting loose her pony-tail. And then she wraps the hairband around her wrist, and in a very typical manner twists her hair, and then ties it with the hairband once more. And you just gawk at her.

Believe me, this is one of the most mesmerizing sights, and one of the most appealing things a girl can do. It gives you a glimpse of that nook on the neck, her longish arms and a bit of a peek depending on the t-shirt, her hands doing trick on the hair, and she gives you a small elusive look and a smile.

I think they really do it on purpose. Else, why would anyone with a perfectly tied pony-tail in place re-tie it?


Anonymous said...

haha... strange a simple action like that can invoke feelings in a guy. i mean seriously,im sure no girl would have given so much tght before tieing up her hair... she mite have done that out of sheer discomfort or just for heck of keeping it in place and looking tidy(sure you know how much women are obssessed about how they look and dont i want to dwel on that here). today i was reading an old edition of femina magazine had an interestong article on why men are men and women are women and that there is no point in trying to analyize the other and trying to change. what do you think? BTW who is this angel who mesmerized you :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo bravo (clap clap).

Madhavan said...

clap clap the comment or the post?

Anonymous said...

clap clap the post, of want me to comment on the comment??