Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two Deaths...

Kunjunni master (maash), a Malayalam poet - unique.

"Kuttettan" for so many Mathrubhumi weekly readers.
Kuttettan who used to send back so many of their valuable poetries and short stories adorned with scratches and corrections.

I first got to know about him when I heard a cassette "Kunjunni Maashum Kuttikalum" (Kunjunni master and the children).Children - I guess he identified best with them, and I doubt if any child would have loved any other poet more than him.

And on the school annual day, when I was in the Third standard, there stood this short man, with a bristle beard, thick black specks, clothed in a "mundu" that reached till just below his knees and a simple white khadi shirt. He was standing in a corner, just like a lost child. From the cassette cover, I recognized him , and got an autograph. :)

His poems were simple, but conveyed a lot of sense. Simple, down to earth.


Prof. Eachara Warrier.
Who became known for all the wrong reasons.

The images that pop up are Rajan, Emergency, Karunakaran, REC, Kakkayam camp and Jayaram Padikkal.

Rajan murder case was one of the most sensational cases and had forced the then Chief minister, K. Karunakaran to resign.

Rajan, a final year stuident at REC calicut, was arrested and tortured to death in Kakkayam Police camp, for being associated with the Naxal movement in Kerala, and allegedly looting a police station of a gun. Though there was enough evidence to prove that Rajan was not present during the looting, the police, under the orders of the then DIG Jayaram Padikkal, mercilessly tortured the young man to death.

His father, Eachara Warrier, begged every single corridor of power, knocked on every single door, to get some information about his son, who was missing. He did not even get a glance of Rajan's body. It was presumably burnt in some remote forest.

The then Home minister and later the Chief minister, Karunakaran, made very devious attempts to cover up the whole thing and vehemently plotted against the poor father from getting justice. But finally justice prevailed, at least partially, and he had to resign.But the culprits went unpunished. Jayaram Padikkal retired when he was holding the highest post in State police. (he died in 2002, i guess). Karunakaran still plays power games.Eachara Warrier, the humble father, died the day before Vishu.You can find his book, "Memories of a father", here :

This incident happened during emergency.Whatever be said of it, trains ran on time, govt. departments were punctual and efficient - it remains a stark reality that it was a dark time; of utter human violation. the opposition hunted down like animals.

And how much ever you admire Mrs.Gandhi for her "iron fisted rule", it remains a reality that she committed some of the most heineous crimes under the cloak of emergency.
And how much ever Karunakaran goes to Guruvayoorappan and prays, there are some stains that you cannot remove. Even with remorse.

Eachara Warrier will be remembered for persuing justice undaunted by power.

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