Monday, May 01, 2006

Waiting for Life to wake me up...

It's been a dreadful night,
And the ghosts came calling.
Crawling over me,
Pulling into the dark realms, the depths.

It's time to open the cage;
To let the bird fly.
No longer hold her
Tied on by love.

They snigger and drag me;
I howl in pain, and then see their faces.
Its them, the ones I created;
And now back to haunt me.

I cringe, she looks at me.
A choked whimper somewhere,
Is never let out-
Lest it should be heard.

I see the glimpses.
But they never stop.
The howling, the laughing continue
Somewhere I wish I'd die.

The bird flutters, and is out.
It gives me a lst glimpse and flies;
Into the wide blue sky.
Was it a smile, or a tear that fell my way?

The bird has flown, far away.
The devils have vanished.
I reach out my hands into the air,
Waiting for life to wake me up...


Anonymous said...

you da man!

Anonymous said...

you're also a poet son