Monday, November 27, 2006

Breaking News!!

Bleary eyes...gravity at its maximum, like 10G, pulling you twist, turn, writhe, stretch...hit at the console again and agin to switch off the alarn...yup, waking up early (especially after a late night) definitely counts among the toughest tasks in the world.
And as I scamper to iron my shirt, I switch on the tv.
"BREAKING NEWS" - proclaims a no nonsense news channel.
"Omigosh!! The Chinese are bombing us!!" I think, and run around searching for my specks. And then I get to the window to see if I can see any nuclear heads raining on us. Well, no. Phew!
"Oh it must be something in the US. I won't get my H1 now..damn!"
But hey they're showing Indian policemen.
"Please, not another bomb blast...!" I brace myself when they zoom the camera and pan it, scared that I might be seeing dea bodies strewn all around the first thing a monday morning.
"Varanasi" is written on top of the screen. "Is it something religious? A religious riot or something?"
"Hey, that guy looks familiar, and the short lady behind him too." I blink my eyes. "And the guy and that lady."
'Bachchans do mangal aartin in Varanasi; Aiswarya joins the family' - the marquee reads.
I switch off my brains. And no, the tv runs.

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Anonymous said...

Grin. media fascism. You should have seen the stuff that came out when b. spears broke up with whathisname.