Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The alchemy...and yes, a marriage!!

Its really been long since I talked about a book, and felt like talking about a couple of them. And both of them, at least by title, linked to the mythical art of turning iron into gold, Alchemy.
The first book is the more popular "The Alchemist". I must admit that I never am quite an "Inspirational genre book" reader. Just happened to glance through a copy at someone's place, felt I could finish it over the night and brought it home.
It did not "transform" me or "inspire" me. But I did read it a couple of times and I liked the way things were presented there. There is a very simple yet subtly coomplex feeling to the whole book.
The second one is "The alchemy of desire". Tarun Tejpal, the editor of the news-magazine "Tehelka" (yup, the same one that exposed many a minister including the defence minister with Sting operations). And believe me, it was a mind sweeping read. That the guy pumps in a lot of sex into the narrative is true, but it is just amazing how gracefully he does it. It has its boring moments once in a while, but then somehow, I just loved the read. And he somehow makes his "Un-English" English sound really good. Really worth the ride.

The marriage part...Well, Nitin, the best buddy, got married!! was really good. (The payasam, I mean). The culmination of a long courtship, that lasted several years. Felt good for him, and Anu. Congrats!!

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