Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why do they need this??

I was visiting Delhi, and happened to go to this place called Akshardham Swami Narayan Temple complex. Well, complex it was!!
It is a huge structure, and has marble ceilings with intricate carvings. It really did look like the abode suitable for Gods, and at the center was the golden statue of Lord Swami Narayan. But the fact is that the temple complex, while evoking a whole lot of emotions like jaw dropping awe and opulence, just does not induce any feeling of devotion or bhakthi. It comes across as more of an exhibiton hall than a place for worship. No SHANTI here.
Well, while there, I noticed idols of Vishnu, and Shiva. There were many of these idols in the National Museum too. And then something strange occured to me. All the god (or their idols) were wearing the sacred threads around them - the same sacred thread that every brahmin in India wears.
Now why should the God have the the need to wear the sacred thread if he/she is the god? Isn't he/she/it the ultimate truth, the Brahmam that all of us seek? Does God necessarily wear the thread?

Thoughts are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hey Madhavan,
Looks like you were in a trance when you visited Akshardham. Firstly, it is called SWAMINARAYAN AKSHARDHAM and secondly the giant murti is of Bhagwan Swaminarayan who the whole complex as you put it is dedicated to.
Murtis are murtis regardless of where you see them; surely it is your faith that is important!!!! As for the sacred thread I will leave that to someone else.

Madhavan said...

Oops yes, got that wrong, am correcting it, thanks for pointing out!!