Wednesday, February 21, 2007

book of a book of a book?

I was browsing through all these books in a book-store the other day, and on one particular rack, saw "the Da Vinci code". Now, what's the big deal about that?

Well, the book next it was a book explaining the places where you'd find the things described in the Da Vinci code. And the next book was about why the whole thing is a fake. The next book debated both sides of the Da Vinci code. And the next one was about the two societies mentioned in Dan Brown's book. And one about Da Vinci. And one about the holy chalice...It just went on and on. It's really surprising how many people can live out of one book. Maybe I will write one about one of the books that is about the Da Vinci code. Hmmmm....

They were showing this new cannon in the military channel and the presenter was explaining the advantages of it. Earlier it required four guys to operate the cannon. Now it needs only one guy - a computer operator. Well, four guys laid off in US. One job opportunity for an Indian computer operator!!


Eccentricly Dull said...

I'm sure you could do it, but wouldn' something new be more fun?

Madhavan said...

hehe...yup..hey, where's your blog?