Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Seeing snow for the first time, quite an experience - the Statue of Liberty, now contesting to be one of the new wonders of the world, more than that, the values she stands for - The Empire State building, and the view from on top of it - Mme.Tussaud's wax museum - Times Square, where time almost loses its meaning - the Museum - NYSE, where the world trades - the path train - the narrow, not so narrow and wide streets - the slow drizzle - Macy's - the unending malls - the crowds, everyone going somewhere, without pause - the cold mornings - the Cheese-Bagel breakfast - Yup, New York is pretty!


gradedexposure said...

When we got out of the station in WTC i cant tell what i exactly went through ,the only thing i cud probably share on a very under- graduate humor level is when we went n peed in macy's "the world's largest store" and walked out without buying anything at all :)
sorry didn mean to kill the essence of ur post,just felt like saying this.I truly felt better if that is any value addition :)

Madhavan said...

Thats definitely a value addition...ummm...ther's something more, the comment sorta reflects the mood when u were reading this.