Monday, April 02, 2007

New York

Every morning I walk to office from the path station, about a five minutes walk. And being a down to earth person, as in, I look down while I walk, thanks to my center of gravity being located at a point about a foot in front of me and my constant tendency to fall, I do always make it a point to look out in front of me for formidable trip mines while I walk. And know what? The first thing I noticed was "MADE IN INDIA" written all over. Yup, all the New York City Sewer covers are Made in India.
No am not mocking it. In some sense it instills a good feeling deep within, thinking that this country that polices the whole world depends on us for sewer covers...hahaha...

Was tinkering (as a matter of fact, helping change the filter for the blower) in the heater room yesterday, and found out that there is a small flame burning. Told Rajuettan to raise the fire alarm, and well, he laughed and told that that is how the house gets heated. Central gas burns a falame...24/7. No wonder these people invade all the oil rich countries and carpet bomb them. They do have to somehow satisfy the enormous energy needs. And they keep on buying these giant trucks that gives 10 miles a gallon for family use.
Irresponsble...plain plain irresponsible. And this while Indians queue up for the vehicle having the most mileage. Hmm..

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Muthu said...

Hey , Nice to c u man. I'm doing grt. yours too is interesting. Keep in touch buddy.