Monday, April 23, 2007

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and some more..

Well, what the heck is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious??

Well, this is the word that won 13 year old Morgan Pozgar the title of the national texting champion!! And she did that without a single spelling mistake in 15 seconds flat!!
Now where is the "s" on my mobile phone's keypad?


"If you can wait for 57 years, can't you wait for 1 more year?", the Supreme court bench asked the solicitor general.

Well, not a casual statement this. Makes sense, when you think about the consequences of the decision. This was when the SG asked the apex court to lift the stay that they had imposed on implementing the quota for OBCs this year. Never understood why the congress is in such a hurry to get this done. And what is more disturbing is that somewhere there is a clause where the Central government is empowered to exempt any of the educational institution from implementing the quota for one reason or other. Hmmm...that's a real tricky one!! And the SG seems to have argued that the implementation of the system will no way affect the general category candidates. How amusing.

I am not against this whole quota thing. I guess we do need a reservation of some kind to give equal opportunity to others. But we must take into account the financial co-efficient too. There is no meaning in providing a seat to a rich NRI kid belonging to one of the castes listed there while a poor bright "higher" caste kid goes without a seat. It might actually have helped him save a family.

Also, the idea of giving reservation to a generation makes more sense. Put in simple words, if your father or mother had got reservation, you shouldn't. It makes sense when you think about it. If you are educated and are able to make a decent living, you should be able to direct your son or daughter to the proper channel and guide him or her in her studies. And if you are educated and poor, give concession on the fees; not a free seat for god's sake!!


The papers have been full of the Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai wedding. While I believe that it is just an over-hyped wedding, there was another wedding(s?) that caught attention for all the wrong reasons. In Madhya Pradesh, the minister for co-operatives, Gopal Bhargava,arranged for a goverment sponsored wedding for poor girls - not 1 or 2, but for 101 girls. A very good deed indeed. But then he also organized "entertainment" for the 1000 odd guests assembled.
The main item was "Rai" dance by Bedia tribals, around 100 of them, which is a kind of erotic dance that simulates sexual movements. And then the brawls broke out. And all of hullaballoo...

With a minister providing entertainment of this kind, and another MP getting caught trying to get a girl abroad on his wife's passport for human trafficking, we finally know what to expect from our rulers!!


And yes, the Hamilton guy in the Merc drives really really well!! Keep going!! (Though the heart still beats with the Reds!!)

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