Friday, May 04, 2007

I give up!! Stop the world and I will get out...

The Belgian police has registered a rape case. Now why is it so important? Well, it was committed somewhere you'd not expect it to happen. No, not in Belgium, not in Europe, not on earth. Heck, no not even in moon or Mars or space. But in Cyberspace!!
Apparently, 2 men committed this "
heinous crime" on a hapless dame. And all prominent computer magazines are writing tons about it.

I too participate in this virtual world called "Second Life" where the lady was victimized. I attend seminars, watch previews, earn money dressed up as bunnies with corporate logos and yes, I even do fly. With so much prowess at your disposal (the ability to actually fly!! I always had this jealous feeling whenever I saw David Blaine levitating.)
couldn't the lady just fly off? Or just shut the program off? Or was the shut-down button for windows so hard to find?
I wish this was some stupid joke. I really did not know how to react to the news. But now I can't react in any other manner than to laugh out loud. This is so very sad that human beings, who invented the whole set-up have stooped to such low levels as to complain of being
raped in the virtual world. And that too, not even in virtual reality, just in an online computer world. Either we must all have reached the peak of intellectual achievement and the only way forward is down, or it must be a sad sad joke.

Duh..Lord, come soon to rescue thy children, for they really need to be rescued!!


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Your link doesn't work. Edit, please?


Unknown said...

Hi Buudy.. Cool one yaar. Even in your article you maintain the State. Between Batman .. and ...

Madhavan said...

hi alfred, have fixed the link;

raj - thanks. batman and??