Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Sin

Adam opened his eyes. The sunlight streaming through in between the trees. He got up and walked past the gentle stream. The berry bushes, and the flower beds. The birds singing sweet songs. He still looked around to make sure that the serpent was not around, albeit out of habit. Ever since he had prevented Eve from biting onto that wicked fruit, he had been cautious. He shuddered at that thought. They had almost been thrown out. But he had stopped her on time, and now, past was past.

He plucked a berry and bit into it. He did not see her around, maybe she had wandered out somewhere. He had, deep within, grown tired of this. Sure, the flowers were beautiful, it was never either too cold or too warm in eden, the lions and deers grazed together. But it was all....boring!!

Adam got up and began to walk toward the waterfall. Eve was taking a shower there. He went beside her and feeling the water splash on him, thought for a minute and asked.
"What do you think would have happened had you bit into that?"

Eve gave him one of those looks that many many millennia later, men would still dread.

"I don't know. Maybe we should ask God."

They walked, hand in hand to the knowledge tree, where they could summon God.

"Oh, God, Could you please let us show the life had we bit into the fruit?"

And God, who never could say no to his dear children, showed them just that.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Yes, I do truly believe that the role of Satan or the serpent or whatever is grossly overstated.

Don't you see? It was the TV that did the trick!!

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