Wednesday, June 30, 2010


She'd started calling Priya 'amma' a while back.
'Amma', I guess is always the easy part.
For all the children, it kind of naturally spurts our, so easily, so naturally, and really spontaneously.
I wonder why then, in malayalam, they invented this really tough 'Acchan' word for fathers. Tamilians have it easy - 'appa' seems easy enough.

Despite this I was really eager to hear her next word. Hoping that I would hear the magic 'cha' sometime soon.

And then yesterday, the phone rang. At the second ring, she said -'fone'. Yup, 'fone'.

I guess I understand my place at home now.

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Heathcliffs Girl said...

Heh :0
should be soon enough!