Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Communist Conundrum

CPI-M and the High court of Kerala are in an open conflict. The reason? The High Court order aginst conducting public meetings on road-sides that causes people a lot of inconvenience. Some really unimportant leaders and some important leaders then started calling the Judges names that roughly translate to fools or simpletons or what not. NEWS HERE
Wonderful now. 
If the young 'leaders' are not even respectful towards the judiciary, who would they respect? Sometimes, it really is no wonder and is as plain as daylight why this state is going nowhere. Leaders without any ideals, a younger generation of people who don't respect anyone.
And yes, frankly, the Communists have kind of lost the plot. And they are becoming a pain on the neck. When they rule, they do not allow progress and strike for everything, bringing the whole state to a standstill and causing people great trouble. When the Congress rules, then they pretty much do the same thing. Strike for each thing, stop progress and bring the state to a standstill. And of course they are taking a whole generation on the wrong path with the wrong leadership and pretentious ideals. Granted, we have seen some really great leaders in the party, but sadly, that does not seem to be the case anymore.

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