Friday, July 29, 2011


Lying very safe somewhere in Bangalore are a hundred books. All of which I have read except 6, which I started, but never finished. Some very close to my heart. Some which I dont want to be caught reading. Why put it here now? There was this list sitting at the bottom of my google docs page. Brought back so many memories. Funny how you can just think of a book from the list and wake up all the stories behind it.

A brief history of time

Alchemy of desire, The
Alexander - Child of dreams
Almost Twelve
Angels and Demons
Apocalypse watch, The
argumentative indian, the
Atlas shrugged
Autograph man
Black Sunday
Bourne Supremacy
Broca's Brain
Broker, the
Business @ the speed of thought
Catcher in the rye
Cat o nine tales
Code name God
Contagion + Vector
Da Vinci Code, The
death is my neighbor
Deception Point
devil's alternative, The
Digital fortress
Dilbert principle, The
emperor's new mind, The
Everything happens for a reason
Exorcist, The
Feast of the goat
Fermat's last theorem
Five Point Someone
Fooled by randomness
Foucault's pendulum
Google Story, The
great Indian novel, The
Great short stories of the world
Hammer of Eden + Code to Rebecca
How can you move mount fuji
How Opal Mehta got kissed, got wild and got a life
idiot, The
Iginited minds
India Unbound
Interpreter of maladies
Invisible man
J Kishnamurti - Knowledge & Thinking
Karamazov brothers
last frontier, The
Last Juror, The
last temptation, The
lexus and the olive tree, The
Light of Asia
Made in Japan
Mediocre but arrogant
metamorphosis, The
Mila in love
Mister God, this is Anna
Music of the primes
My own country
Mysterious pleasures
No comebacks
Of human bondage
O Jerusalem
Old man and the sea
Oliver's story
One hundred years of solitude
One night at a call center
Pickwick papers
Piece of cake
Portable Thoreau
Power of compassion
principal Upanishads, The
Readers Digest 1
Readers digest - 2
Red dragon
Reminisces of the Nehru age
Roald Dahl - Short stories
Rule of four
Shadow of the wind
Shakespeare - Complete
Silence of the lambs
snapshots from hell
State of fear
Three men in a boat
tipping point, The
To kill a mocking bird
veteran, The
Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
Zorba the greek
damsel in distress
clocks, the
Rumpole omnibus
mammoth book of Jacobean whodunnits, The
maximum city
Hannibal rising


Bird said...

Right. And also the circumstances when you bought the book, read the book etc.. Let's see the list!

Madhavan said...

@Bird - there you go

Creatures Of The Night said...

Hello Madhavan,

Some of your books are with me.
I still remember you transferring those to Priya's house. And I borrowed few.
I still have it in safe custody.