Monday, February 25, 2013

Turning 4.

"Acha, when I go to school, Miss Nataschja will see me and say -"Aah, the birthday girl is here!!", my pretty li'l princess tells me in the morning, just about to head to school. Wearing a white frock (with a dash of the mandatory pink), and a very excited grin, she trots off, giving a quick wave and a flying kiss to me.

Oh, how time flies! To use a cliche, I still remember like yesterday, the day I held her first in my arms. And though it hasnt been all that long, she is turning 4.

The little girl who barely made a sound the first few months now chatters incessantly. Mostly playing imaginary school. Sometimes being Snow-white or Merida or Tiana. Questioning everything with a why. Raising her little hand every now and then when Priya and I are talking because "Miss Nataschja says, if you want to talk when someone else is talking, you have to raise your hand". Making little chapathis for amma and acha. Being "a very good helper". Putting on the "my stomach is hurting" - face when we tell her to help pick her toys up and clean up the room. Asking sweetly whether we're having visitors whenever we clean up the house (That explains a lot about our cleaning habits, doesnt it?). Asking "is there no food in the house" when Priya makes noodles. Singing and chatting with friends in her sleep. And on and on and on.

Sometimes, I just want to hug her, and tell her not to grow up so fast! Wish I could somehow freeze time and savor every moment more, and more.

Happy birthday Ammukkutty.

(And here's a drawing she made of all three of us. Aditi (Top Left, with eyebrows), Amma (Top Right) and Acha (Bottom). In case you are wondering, the triangles on our foreheads are our foreheads.)

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Heathcliffs Girl said...

;) Happy Bırthday Adıtı!!