Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Time for India to step up.

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The Afghan deputy foreign minister jawed Ludin told Reuters about the possibility of negotiating the peace process without the help of Pakistan. While it might still be too early to predict how this goes, India should leap on this opportunity ans try to step up the game.
Already being part of the rebuilding process and being on not-so-bad terms with Afghanistan's other big neighbor, Iran, would help. And this comes at a time when the Americans and the NATO forces have grown really weary of Pakistan and even of Afghanistan and their stake and dedication in the peace process. India, very familiar with the type of power political climate that plays out in the region stands to gain.

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eartherian said...

But my friend, the present Government with the present set of ministers, especially the Foreign Minister, is thinking about everything other than the National interest.

And I belive, they must now be very busy in preperations for the Polls'14, much busy than what election commission would be.

Because, afterall, party comes first for these polititions, way ahead of the Nation! They can sacrifice the National interest anytime with pleasure!