Friday, April 19, 2013

Losing hope

Many a time, peculiar news item appear, of creatures considered arch enemies in nature taking care of the offsprings of each other. A tigress taking care of a baby monkey whose mother it had just killed. Dogs taking care of kittens.
And yet, apparently the most intellectually superior one among all those creatures, the human being, stoops to levels so low that even the heinous creatures would break into tears.

Molesting, no, violating a 5 year old child!!

Is there nothing unthinkable in this age? Even those seers, who sat down to envisage the Kaliyuga in Srimad Bhagavatham, or the Gods who foresaw the age of degenerating human values in the Holy Bible or the Quran could not have conceived of something so cruel.

And if the police, as the parent of the child said, offered to pay him a bribe to keep this quiet - Are they any better? Wouldn't anyone's heart just break at this? Or am I just having a bit too much hope in humanity?

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